No.3 Panko Prawns

While not technically “panko” prawns, this is pretty close -_-
The recipe I followed from my wok cookbook was for “Japanese Fried Panko Prawns”, but I didn’t have any panko so I just used normal breadcrumbs made by grating toasted bread, thanks for that Y’ ;)
The recipe we followed is not exactly what we ended up with because we did it slightly differently, but you can’t tell the difference anyway.
The prawns were dipped in some lightly beaten egg, then into corn flower, then into the breadcrumbs before being deep fried in the wok.
Served with some thin rice noodles, and soy sauce and chili sauce for dipping.
Turned out to be really simple to make, tasted nice as well =)
Special thanks to Y’ for helping me with this one  (^-^)/
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One Response to No.3 Panko Prawns

  1. nijntje says:

    yeah it was yum yum yum (^-^*)

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