No.4 Wonton And Mixed Yuba Rolls

This was for the first time using my rice cooker ^^
When I finally found the Chinese market in bristol (which also sells some Japanese food stuff) I got some Nishiki Japanese rice to use in my cooker, and to go with it we decided to get some Yuba Rolls and Wonton.
The Yuba and Wonton were pre-prepared and basically just needed heating, but in the future i’ll try making my own ones from scratch.
The Yuba was: prawn, a package thingy with octopus, a shrimp one with tail poking out, and one with a fish paste type thing inside…..unfortunatley since we had this neither of us can remember properly what they were ^_^; (if i get the same Yuba selection again, or we remember, then i’ll update with what they actually were hehe)
Anyway, the Yuba and the Wonton was really tasty, and that’s what really matters =)
The rice turned out pretty good, but we both agree that it needed a bit more water for cooking to make it better….so next time I’ll do that
There was also enough rice left over to make some Onigiri (rice balls)….I didn’t photograph these, but my one looked kinda broken, and Y’s ones looked really good ;)
I need to practice at making these, then i’ll give Onigiri its own entry ^^
And once again thanks to my sweety Y’ for being the assisting cook on this one ;)
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