No.5 Oyako-donburi

This is a recipe I’ve been looking forward to trying since I first decided to start this little cooking project of mine ^^
Unfortunatley I got the timing wrong for cooking the main part of this dish and doing the rice, so it was a little bit over cooked, but still turned out good.
The main part of this dish was made with chopped onion, sliced chicken, shiitake mushrooms, sliced carrot, spring onion, and a beaten egg.
I couldn’t make proper Dashi using dashi no moto, so as mentioned in the recipe I followed I substituted this with chicken stock….and then added soy sauce and brown sugar to this, the same as if I was making proper Dashi.
Once again this was quite an easy dish to cook….start by heating the wok, putting in the onion, mushrooms, and dashi…cook that a bit, then add the chicken and spring onion…after the chicken’s cooked, pour the beaten egg over everything and then add the carrots on top.
That’s pretty much it, then serve on top of rice.
This was my first time eating shiitake mushrooms, I think, and they were nice and tasty with this dish =)
I do have to say that so far this isn’t the nicest looking dish I’ve made, but it did taste very good ^-^
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2 Responses to No.5 Oyako-donburi

  1. Spinner182 says:

    i will do, and all the others i do while you’re away ;)

  2. nijntje says:

    cook it for me but without shiitake ;p

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