No.12 Teriyaki Chicken with Negi

Not much to this one at all, pretty much just three ingrediants; chicken, negi (or use leak instead, they’re very similar), and teriyaki sauce.
Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and fry for a few minutes, then add chopped negi/leak and cook for a few more minutes. Next add teriyaki sauce and bring to the boil before adding a cornstarch with water mixture to thicken the sauce. Stir that quickly and stop heating, then just serve with rice.
See, nothing to it >.>
It looked a lot darker after the sauce thickened then what I was expecting, but that was probably just down to the type of teriyaki I was using. I also wish I hadn’t used the full amount of teriyaki as said by the recipe I followed (half a cup), because it made it a bit too strong :/
I’d like to try making this again but adjust the amount of sauce, however it could all be down to personal tastes ^___^
All in all not too bad, but I reckon I could do better =P
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