No.16 Special Fried Rice With Teriaki Pork

This one is even quicker then the previous entry. The first time I made it was when I was in a rush and needed to cook something fast :P
For this I use: pork chops, spring onions, teriaki marinade, and a packet of microwave special fried rice ^_^;
(of course instead of using this instant rice you could always make this as a variation of the chicken fried rice that I put on here ages ago….I just used this packet stuff because it only takes 2 minutes to heat in the microwave, but still tastes very nice)
Cut the pork into strips and fry in a pan, then when it’s nearly cooked pour some teriaki marinade over it and continue frying. When the pork’s just about done add sliced spring onions to the pan and heat for only a minute or two….serve on top of the rice and that’s it ^-^
Kinda like a quick instant meal type thing hehe :D
You could even serve it with ordinary boiled rice, either way it’s very nice, and very quick, and easy to do for when in a hurry ^^
This latest time I made it we also had some prawns and sliced avacado with sweet chili dipping sauce to eat along with it…..I’m not all that keen on avacado tho ^_^;
The way photos work on here has been changed >.>
They’re coming out all kindsa funny sizes on the entries, so much for consistency :/
(proper recipe from my wok cookbook coming soon)
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