No.18 Potato Korokke

Here’ one much much much much simpler then that last one ^^
Just need potatoes, minced beef, and onion really ^^
(I also added carrot though :P)
Start by boiling and then mashing the potatoes, then cook the onion, mince, and carrot (if you want), in the wok. Mix the mash, onion, mince, and carrot in a big bowl, and season with salt and pepper.
I made sure it’d cooled a bit before the next part…..using my hands I made peices of the mix into rough oval shapes. Then one at a time, coat in flour, then dip in beaten egg, then coat with panko (breadcrumbs), then deep fry until golden….done (^o^)/
Quick and easy ^^
Admittedly though, after the first one I made them a bit too big, and I managed to burn them all a little bit ^_^;
But only because they cooked too fast for me to control on my own…..It would be much easier to cook these between two people when it comes to coating and frying them.
Trying to deep fry something when your hands are covered in flour, egg, and panko is not easy >.>
They were all very nice though, and quite filling….I’ll make them again someday I think :)
They taste extra yummy dipped in soy sauce :P
Korokke 01
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