Who ya gonna call?

Last night I tried some bath salts Y’ sent me from Japan ^^
These ones were Hawaii themed…..and apparently Hawaii has pink water >.>
I wasn’t expecting the salts to make the water that kind of colour, but it did smell nice ^-^
(although I’m not sure what Hawaii is supposed to smell like anyway ^_^;
With the jacuzi jets turned on it did make it look a bit like something from Ghostbusters 2 though O.o
y1ptc_q8C2CQgTakl9G8sXb_4rYNF5ckGCbYOC3iYFmSnnfGCQTTSWzwz-RDOgU0VADIKufzOqjrnk y1ptc_q8C2CQgTMXwpz9l5MmEE0qewyv5e3CVgkDYGR00GnWclk5EXhDQ0__x4pWeiDuOqwlMvwoo4 y1ptc_q8C2CQgSSLVLkTIxXUxzXExOejlxsrEpNErEvKCu1kYKMmZ35w6tCghdp9DUEhp0QGFufeYY y1ptc_q8C2CQgSTVYRsvSs8BIxGQ3jvcHcSVOoNG1sLH3Tl15KkGSNGXVeUw7Z6XzK1Dbrvlf-BpOY 
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