The Kitty collection >.>

Y’ brought me some more Helly Kitty things, sweets and bath bombs ^^
Seems like now without me even planning to, and with a nudge from Y’ :P, I’ve started collecting Kitty things >.>
I probably won’t get as big a collection of Kitty as Y’ has of Miffy though ;P
The Hello Kitty udon was very yummy, I want more of that >.>
(The keyboard key covers aren’t Kitty, but they’re one of the more unsual things Y’ got for me this time ^_____^ )
y1ptc_q8C2CQgT-tdn-Vgwpjvo7CNeFtXC7OAPhqYznrm49lCqtU7EiC64r-h2MKISyFNSPFrsJyVI y1ptc_q8C2CQgQKQiLwvs4HZESncxJq-t8-BkBQqtmgAMlvOdY8cl-G472zjDk9yDZ3B-qR9V4iRaE y1ptc_q8C2CQgSNO1iDMbxIin_49mChL3sVPYuNm4h53qhb-4b8-GCqnhFn7adU4ioC5vuoiqjSiPo y1ptc_q8C2CQgTSC0S8euyKSeWdOJFqu6ZC85CStPSUySTCB7RlxaJAAM0iDXCZgksfagLDjqV_sRU   
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2 Responses to The Kitty collection >.>

  1. Spinner182 says:

    changed it ^_^;

  2. nijntje says:

    Its not soba >_< its UDON

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