No.22 Takikomi Gohan

A while ago I was watching a japanese tv show with Y’ where they were cooking things in the rice cooker along with the rice, and since then I’ve wanted to try it :P
Sounded nice and quick and easy to do, just put it all in together and cook as normal ^^
I couldn’t find a clear recipe for something like this anywhere though :/
So I just made it up as I went >.>
Washed the rice as usual, and then sliced some mushrooms and added them to the rice cooker too…..then broke up some seafood sticks and added them….and then sliced and added some shiso for colour.
(  Y’ now tells me this is a very odd combination of things to use in takikomi gohan ^_^;  )
When it was cooking there was a very strong smell of fish and mushroom, so I was a little unsure as to what I had created in there O.o
However when it came out it looked quite nice……but when I started eating it I noticed there was hardly any flavour at all :(
The smell had quickly dissapated by now too, so it seems all the flavour and smell came out along with the steam while it was cooking or something like that X_x
Anyway, I added some soy sauce to the top of it every now and then and it was fine….not what I was expecting at all, but edible ^_^;
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