Alton Towers Rides ^O^

We managed to go on all of the rides, apart from the children’s ones :P
And we only had 2 ques the first day which were about 10-15 mins….going after the summer holidays is best ;P
The 2nd day there was even less people >.>
On a few rides we were able to go straight on without waiting, and it was only a short wait even in the lins for the front seats :D
So the second day our priority was to do everything thing again, but sat in the front hehehe.
Oblivian was my favourite ride, we went on that 3 times, twice in the back row, and once in the front ^^
It rained on and off the first day….and going fast on a ride + rain = getting very wet…, with the rides where you get soaked anyway, it was harder to dry off >.>
Second day was sunny and dry tho ^^
I wanna go agaaaaiiiiiin ^o^
DSC03744 DSC03745 DSC03746 DSC03755 DSC03757 DSC03811 DSC03819 DSC03825 DSC03838 DSC03846 DSC03858 DSC03863 DSC03888 DSC03893 DSC03897 DSC03898 DSC03903 DSC03927 DSC03929 DSC03930
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