Byebye UK, Hello Korea! XD

All’s been quiet on here lately because all’s changed :P

I am now in South Korea hehehe ^o^

I’m here teaching English at an elementary school, but we didn’t have an internet connection in our apartment until 2 days ago so I couldn’t update anything on here…….I now have a lot of catching up to do ;>.>

Coming over was a long and tiring trip…..we went via Amsterdam and then across to Korea on the 9 or so hour main flight….total travel time from door to door is about 30 hours though X_x

The food on the plane was really nice ^^

We had bright blue skies to greet us when we arrived, and were picked up from the airport and taken straight to the school to meet the principal, then shown our apartment and taken shopping :)

We were soooo tired by the end of the day, and the 8 hour time difference from the uk felt weird, but all was good on the start of my new adventure with Y’ in Korea :D

Photo 3877 Photo 3885 Photo 3886 Photo 3887Photo 3895 Photo 3896 Photo 3897 Photo 3902 Photo 3904 Photo 3906 Photo 3907 Photo 3908 Photo 3916 Photo 3920 Photo 3922 Photo 3925 Photo 3927 Photo 3929 Photo 3935 Photo 3937 Photo 3938 Photo 3989

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