Our Apartment :)

Our apartment is pretty nice, and has plenty of space for the 2 of us :)

We have a large living space (where we also have our bed), another small bedroom that we use for storage and like a changing room, bathroom which is a kind of wet room with bath and shower (and a Hello Kitty toilet seat XD…I didn’t buy it, it was already there :P), kitchen, and an enclosed balcony where our washing machine is :)

At the entrance is a space for taking off your shoes, and the front door opens outwards (in the uk doors always open inwards) so it doesn’t get in the way of our shoes ^^

The view from the corridor outside our door looks right out over the town, and the view of the mountains and rice fields from the balcony is brilliant ^^

After 3 weeks we got a load of brand new stuff bought for us by the school…..microwave, rice cooker, toaster, a really nice double bed, and a 32” hd tv XD

 Photo 4027 Photo 4028 Photo 4029 Photo 4031 Photo 4032 Photo 4187 Photo 4189 Photo 4023 Photo 4165

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