Happy Birthday……Buddha :D

The 21st of May was a national holiday in Korea this year for Buddah’s Birthday, also known as the Lantern Festival :)

So we thought the best place to go on Buddha’s Birthday, would be a Buddhist Temple ^^

We were told about a good one to go to….we just had to walk across town, and halfway up a mountain ;>.>

It was a nice walk, but it was a very very hot sunny day, and we were exhausted by the time we arrived at the temple :S

We went there expecting to see the temple nicely decorated with paper lanterns and things……but when we arrived it was even better ^o^

We were greeted at the entrance and given gift bags with a plastic flower, rice cake, banana, and lolly ^^

There were quite a few people there, but it was so peaceful….some people were sat up inside the temple where we could hear the sounds of a monk chanting, while me, Y’, and everyone else were sat out on mats under canopies.

Later, several monks stood outside the entrance and sang while playing drums, and during a break everyone was given lunch ^^

It was a really nice day :) 

Photo 4060 Photo 4064 Photo 4068 Photo 4069 Photo 4070 Photo 4072 Photo 4074 Photo 4082 Photo 4087 4 Photo 4096

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