School Dayz ^^

My school in Korea is pretty big….definitely much bigger then the elementary school I went to in England ^_^;

It’s been there for a long time, and the layout is pretty much how I imagined it would be…….There’s 4 floors, and each floor has a corridor, lined with windows, running along the front side of the building. All of the classrooms and other rooms are off from the corridor, so it’s not too hard to get lost……which is good for me :D

The English classroom is in the newer annex of the school, and the playground area in the front of the school is covered with compacted sand……very different from the usual playground in the UK, which would be concrete.

There’s loads of trees and flowers around the school grounds, so it’s nice to walk around. Each day a couple of students bring us a carton of milk each for myself and my co-teacher (all the teachers get this, not just us :P)……not always plain milk though, we get flavours sometimes :D    chocolate, strawberry, banana, and soy bean. They’re all yummy ^^

Everyday I eat lunch with other teachers in the school canteen, so I get to try lots of Korean foods ^^

But the whole time during lunch there’s students knocking on the windows into the teacher’s area to wave to me and say hello ;>.>

I get that all the time around the whole school, it’s kinda fun actually hehehe ^^

Photo 3959 Photo 3960 Photo 3961 Photo 3963 Photo 3966 Photo 3998 Photo 4002

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