Time In The Sky

In June, after we’d been in Korea for about 4 weeks, we had to make a quick trip back to the UK for my sister’s wedding.

We left home Wednesday night, took 2 busses to get to the airport, slept (a little bit) overnight at the airport on some seats, flew to Paris early in the morning, and then from Paris to London where we were picked up by my dad and uncle on Thursday (jet lagged from travelling back in time 9 hours ;>.>)…….a total travel time of about 30 hours door to door X_x

The wedding was on Friday afternoon, where we spent the day feeling like zombies ^_^;

Then on Saturday it was time to go travelling again…..car to airport, fly to Dubai, then across to Korea, and 2 busses back to our apartment, arriving Sunday night local time…..ready for work on Monday @_@

I think we spent more time in the air then on the ground hehehe ^^

It was an extremely tiring trip, but worth it to see my little sister get married (she’s been going on about it for almost a year ¬_¬ ), it was a nice day and the bride and groom seemed happy :)

Two of the best things during the trip? The plane had outside cameras on it that you could view from your TV screens, with a view looking straight down at the ground, one from the nose of the plane, and one on the tail looking over the top of the plane……it was awesome :D

And when we coming coming in to land over Paris, we could see the Eifel Tower from the window….it’s the first time I’ve seen it, and I got to see it from the sir ^^

Photo 4229 Photo 4231 Photo 4264 Photo 4270 Photo 4275 Photo 4286 Photo 4299 Photo 4323 Photo 4331 Photo 4357 Photo 4366 Photo 4377

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