It’s so handy having a bus terminal just down the road from us……It makes travelling to other cities very easy ^^

This time we went to Suwon. We needed to go to the immigration office (    where it was very busy and we had to wait nearly 2 hours :(    ) and used it as a chance for a quick look round some of the city too :)

Like Seoul though, we ended up spending the majority of our time in one building….we found a Tesco store :D

In the UK we used to do our weekly shopping in Tesco, and we were shocked to find one in Korea. It was just like being inside a UK store; all the price labels were the same style, and there was even the Tesco brand things hehehe

We followed this up by having dinner in Pizza Hut……We spent the day in a Korean city doing things we could do in England ^_^;

We did have a “Korean style” pizza though; a Bulgogi sweet potato pizza. It was quite nice, but I’m not sure about the sweet potato on a pizza part ;>.>

Photo 4519 Photo 4537Photo 4532Photo 4522 Photo 4527 Photo 4528 Photo 4529  Photo 4535

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