Robots? In Disguise? ;>.>

While looking around a shop in town the other day something caught my eye……

I’m a fan of Transformers, I grew up with Generation 1 and still have the toys in my mum’s attic, and when I see Transformers toys I still like to look at them and see if they change much from the ones I used to play with.

So when I noticed these I laughed straight away XD

These aren’t Transformers, they’re “Super Change” ;>.>

The logo is a warped version of the Autobots symbol, and in the photo, that top one is pretty much an exact copy of a Bumblebee toy from the recent movies :D

They look like they might break a bit too easily if you tried transforming, or in this case “changing”, them too many times ^_^;

I should’ve bought one though :P

Photo 4605

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