On Saturday we took a trip to Sungnam…..we were originally planning to go to Icheon, but we met 2 new friends at the bus station and they invited us to go along with them instead ^^

Getting there involved our first trip on the subway system, the subway trains are a lot wider inside then ones I’ve been on before. There wasn’t really that many people on the train going, but coming back later in the evening it was packed ;>.>

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch (recommended by 1 of our friends) and the food there was really yummy :D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 There was a tonne of melted cheese on it though >.>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    But it was still very tasty, and very filling ;P

We spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping in a really posh looking department store, full of big name brand shops. Then we went to Lotte Mart to buy some house supplies.

Above the escalators in Lotte Mart they had an odd looking sign, we’re not sure what it’s for, but it looks like it’s a warning to beware of ghost cats O_o

While waiting for the train to arrive in the subway to go back to the bus terminal, I noticed that we were waiting at the best column….1337 :P

Photo 4631 Photo 4633 Photo 4634 Photo 4635 Photo 4636  Photo 4650 Photo 4643Photo 4657 1 Photo 4662

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