Rice Harvesting

While we were staying with Y’s parents I helped her dad with harvesting his rice fields :)

He’s an architect by trade (like I want to be ^^ ), but he’s a farmer on the side, growing rice each year near his (now unlived in) parents house…..most of the rice is sold, but there’s a lot so each family member is also able to get free rice to eat, and it’s really good rice ^^

The harvesting is fairly hard work (a lot of lifting), but not complicated…..first a ride on machine is used to cut the rice and seperate the grains from the stems. The grains are poured into sacks by the machine, which we then lift onto the truck. When the truck is full we drive round the corner to the house, and empty these sacks into a big drying machine inside an outbuilding next to the house.

After the grains are dried they pour through into another machine that peels  all of the rice grains, leaving them white and ready for eating, while the discarded outer skin is fired out onto a pile outside. The white rice is poured out into new sacks that are either loaded back onto the truck and taken to be sold, or stored for the family to use through the year :)

My main job was lifting the sacks (weighing between 30kg and 35kg each) between various stages…..but at the end I was allowed to drive the harvesting machine to cut the last 2 rows of rice from the field ^^

It was hot and tiring working outside in the high temperature, but it was also very interesting to see how it was all done…and I was happy to have the chance of working with Y’s dad and brother, and being able to help out :)

DSC00157 DSC00341 DSC00351 DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00171 DSC00165  DSC00178 DSC00174

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