Tokushima City

We went out for a sightseeing and shopping day in Tokushima City………I was on the lookout for Gundam or Evangelion models to buy ^_^;

DSC00851 DSC00856 DSC00857

The first place we went was through a shopping arcade, this is where we had the yummy taiyaki and flaked ice-cream that I mentioned in my “Japanese Food – Sweets” post a few days ago :)

There was a couple of anime shops in the arcade, but none of them had what I was looking for… even turned out that one shop we went in was only for “adult” anime dvds and books ;>.>

DSC00836  DSC00839 DSC00840 DSC00838

Dotted around the city are references to their famous Awaodori festival that is held each year… day I’d like to come and see the festival ^^

DSC00849 DSC00850 DSC00855

We had lunch in a department store (Ramen, yum yum ^-^ ), and spent a lot of time in there going from floor to floor and exploring the various shops.

I did manage to find a shop that had just the right models I was looking for too :D …….. right next to a big cardboard Gundam that Y’ pointed out and I didn’t even see at first ^_^;

Around the corner from that shop there was a really cute Hello Kitty machine that I wanted to take home with us, but Y’ wouldn’t let me :P

At the top of the department store you can go out onto the roof where there used to be all sorts of rides and fun things for children. There’s not a lot there now though unfortunately :(

But there are very nice views over the city, and an interesting little shrine in one corner :)

DSC00853 DSC00854 DSC00866 DSC00868 DSC00871

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