Todoroki No Taki Waterfall

To get to this waterfall we needed to drive quite a long way along narrow mountain roads, where the scenery on the way to our destination was just as beautiful as what we were hoping to see when we arrived ^^

Driving along mountain roads where there’s a rock face one side, a drop down into a river on the other side, and only room for single file traffic most of the time was a little scary for Y’….but she got us there safely, and we were lucky that the rare times we did see another car, and it was going the opposite way, we happened to be at a point in the road where there was space to pass :)

DSC00929 DSC00932 DSC00946

The road up the mountain traced the same route as a gorgeous river that was coming from the waterfalls we were on our way to see ^^

DSC00935 DSC00937 DSC00945

When we arrived at the car park, before our trek to the falls, we went down to the river’s edge and sat on rocks for a picnic….it was so peaceful there, no one around and just the sound of the water over the rocks ^-^

DSC00953 DSC00954 DSC00957 DSC00964

First stop on our long walk towards the waterfalls was a shrine…it was up a lot of steps :S

The torii gates, statues, and stone lanterns in the forest around the shrine were really nice to see…and just in front of the shrine there was a pair of really cool taps shaped like dragons….I want some XD

DSC00962 DSC00972 DSC00974 DSC00978 DSC00980 DSC00981 DSC00983

Next was off to the big waterfall ^^

We arrived at the end of the path and were greeted by another torii gate to pass through, but the path ends >.>

To see the actual waterfall properly you have to go round the corner using a small rock path the the water has worn away from the side of the cliff…..but when you get round that corner the world changes :P

The air is filled with spray from the waterfall, the water comes crashing down from above into the clear pool which leads off into the river down the mountain, and sunlight shining through the spray creates rainbows……it’s brilliant ^^

DSC00990 DSC01011 DSC01012 DSC01018  DSC01021 DSC01026 DSC01040

This waterfall is not the only one here though, there are several others further up the mountain which lead down into this one…..we decided to go up the steps to the next one, past the sign warning about poisonous snakes in the area >.>

After the first set of steps the path continues along what is like a jungle treck, it was fun, but we were sooo tired by the time we got to the next waterfall, so the other falls will have to wait until another time hehe ^_^;

By the time we got back to the car, we were very hot, and very tired X_x

DSC01052 DSC01055 DSC01057 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01082

We didn’t see any snakes…..but we did see a lizard with no tail when heading back to the car, and then a little later the same type of lizard, but with a tail….a complete day ;P

DSC01088 DSC01090

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