Iya No Kazurabashi

We went for a day out with Y’s parents, and they took us to a vine bridge, the biggest one crossing a gorge ^^

Like when we went to the waterfalls, the views from the mountain roads are reeeeeaaallly nice……so even though it was a long drive the views were captivating the whole time :D

DSC01209 DSC01213 DSC01223 DSC01247

The vine bridge itself is even cooler then I thought it would be ^o^

The construction of it is sooo interesting to look at……just looking at it from the nearby road bridge would be cool, but actually walking across it is so many more times cooler XD

Just before we started crossing the bridge I did notice that there are steal cables hidden within the vine structure to strengthen it, which took away a bit of the wonder of it….but it was still a really fun feeling crossing it ;P

I loved every minute while crossing; I was looking all around, walking along without holding the sides (I noticed that I was pretty much the only person walking along without holding onto the side), looking all around at the river, and looking down through the (quite large) gaps between the boards we were walking on ^^

Y’ was a little scared while crossing, but she was very brave and made it across :)

DSC01253 DSC01256 DSC01261 DSC01265 DSC01269 DSC01272 DSC01278 DSC01279  DSC01287 DSC01297

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