Sports Festival ^^

My school had their yearly sports festival on thursday ^^

All of the students have spent the last few weeks practicing for it in the mornings, with a full rehearsal of the procedures on tuesday…….not like how I remember it when I was student. I’m sure we just turned up on the day and did it ;>.>

But then again, this was a much bigger event then I remember my sports days being…..each grade performed at least once doing some kind of dance or aerobic routine to music, while the parents clambered forward trying to get photos hehe. And this was between all of the races being held :)

The students are all divided into 2 teams throughout all grades, white team and blue team. They get points for the team games / races, and while the team games are taking place in the middle, there are separate races going on around the outside on the track….there’s a lot to watch all at once, but it was still a lot of fun ^^

The winners this year were the white team, and one (slightly disappointed member of the blue team) student told me that it’s the first time in years that the blue team has lost……Next year should be even more exciting then :P

Photo 5293Photo 5294DSC01571 DSC01573 DSC01574 DSC01582 DSC01592 DSC01597 DSC01604 DSC01611 DSC01625 DSC01633 DSC01646   DSC01659

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