3 Day Seoul Trip, Part 2 (N.Seoul Tower)

Still on the first day in Seoul……but night time shenanigans now :P

We decided that we would go out for dinner, and thought the best place would be up a mountain, at the top of a tower, overlooking the whole city….N.Seoul Tower :D

To start we walked up a really steep hill, because we couldn’t find the escalator lift system thingy :S

But we at least managed to find the cable car station ^^

So up the mountain we went, by cable car :)

The view on the way up was amazing, all of the lights shining below in the dark.

Because we were planning to have dinner in the tower we bought the package ticket which gave us access to the observation deck, as well as a main meal and buffet at the Korean restaurant on the floor below. And because we had this ticket we were able to use the express elevator instead of joining the (loooong) queue for the normal one….vip treatment XD

The views from the tower were amazing, and in the restaurant we had a window table so we could continue to enjoy the view while eating…..and the food in the restaurant was soooo yummy, we chose a main dish each and then were given free reign of the buffet. There wasn’t many other people in the restaurant (maybe because it was a monday) so there was no waiting when getting food, just walk up, load your plate, and go back to your table ^^

The other thing I liked about the restaurant was that because we payed to eat there by buying our ticket at the bottom of the tower (we just had to show this when we went into the restaurant), the bill we got in the restaurant was just a formallity really….and it was the best bill I’ve ever seen ;P


Definitely have to go again ^-^

DSC01878 DSC01880 DSC01881 DSC01886 DSC01891 DSC01899 DSC01906 DSC01919 DSC01925  DSC01935 DSC01936 DSC01942

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