Janghowon Peach Festival

The 17th to 19th of September was the peach festival in Janghowon ^^

It was just outside of town, so we had to walk a little while (our apartment bus turns back at the edge of town) and it was a really hot, bright, day.

We got there around 10:30, and there was hardly anyone there >.>

I guess we were still too early ^_^;

We had a wonder around, looked at a lot of yummy looking peaches, and tried some free samples of them, it was good ^^

We ate lunch at a makeshift restaurant where we managed to order something to eat by standing around, looking confused, and pointing….it worked though, a nice man helped us out despite not speaking the same language as us :)

We watched some Korean style wrestling while we ate, and then came our main event…finally buying some Janghowon peaches to take home and eat :D

I’d tried a couple before with the teachers at school, but this was Y’s first proper chance to eat some :P

DSC01682 DSC01683 DSC01684 DSC01690 DSC01695 DSC01696 DSC01700 DSC01701 DSC01703 DSC01704Photo 5306 DSC01717

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