All Change >.>



All of a sudden I find out that my windows live blog has to be transfered over to wordpress.

Unexpected, but let’s see how this works out….not like I have a choice anyway though ;>.>

All of my past posts and photos have been transfered over to the new blog, which is good.

My theme, lists, and gadget thingys I had down the side are gone, which is a little annoying, but not the end of the world :P (I need to play with the themes on here now and see what they have)

Apparantly there’s a limit to the amount of photos you can upload on here. Not sure if there was one on windows live or not, but I hope that won’t affect things too much….might have to mess around converting photos to a smaller file size before uploading, to save space, which is gonna bug me ¬_¬

Haven’t played with this much yet, but I did find something very good that windows live lacked; visitor stats…so I can see how many (or how few ^_^;) visitors I get, and when etc :)

But I did lose my visitor counter T_T      I finally got over 1,000 page views, but on here it reset to 0

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