Bandai Museum ^^

Next stop from Nikko? Omocha no machi, aka “Toy Town” :D

This place is known as “Toy Town”…although when we were there it was more like a ghost town >.>

The place looks like a pretty new development, but everyone must leave the area during the day to work or something. We say about 3 people between the station and the museum, and no cars in sight O_o


The museum is a pretty big building, but it’s strange there’s no signs or directions to get to it from the station >.>

We asked someone working at the train station how to get there and was told to just go straight down the main road. There was 1 advert for the museum at the station, and then that was it…nothing until reaching the museum itself (only about a 10 minute walk). I thought we would’ve seen at least 1 more road sign or something while on the way ;>.>

We got there though ;)

Outside we were greeted by a life size power ranger statue accompanied by 2 other characters from similar series……inside, we were greeted by the top half of a 1:1 scale Gundam looking down at us :D


Like outside in the town, there was no one else inside the museum apart from 1 guy at the counter >.>

Sure it was a weekday, but even then there’s usually at least a few people inside places like this :P

It was nice though, we had the whole place to ourselves ^^

There’s loooooaaaaads of cool toys on display in there, I’ve never seen so many action figures and things together before hehe

I spotted a few toys and figures I own, and Y’ found ones that her and her brother used to have. It was fun ^^


They even had radio-control cars there to play with, and original NES consoles hooked up to TVs for people to play……………I haven’t played on a NES for a very long time :P


They have a Thomas Edison exhibition there at the moment too….not really sure what that has to do with Bandai though ^_^;

But it was interesting :)


All of the Gundam models are in their own section (apart from the giant one out in the main area), and there’s lots and lots of them…..I went round looking at which ones I want to get for my collection at some point hehehe ;P


I’m guessing that the place usually gets much busier during weekends and school holidays, but it was really nice having the place so quiet for us to look around….by the time we left there was only about 6 other people in there still.

I would definitely recommend going there if you like stuff like that, it’s an interesting place ^-^

Also, while we were taking photos of the 1:1 scale Gundam, the guy from behind the desk came over and offered to take photos of me and Y’ together :)

And then he asked to take a photo of us for the museum’s blog and Facebook page….so we’re on there too lol


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