Lotte World XD

Yesterday we went for a day out to Lotte World in Seoul ^^

It was an unplanned trip, we only thought about going there the night before, and being a weekend, we were a little worried about it being too crowded.

It’s only 2 stops away from the bus terminal on the subway, so it’s a theme park right in the middle of the city….convenient ^^

The Lotte World area includes a big underground shopping area, department stores, and supermarket, and the theme park is the Adventure World there.

It’s split into 2 parts, half is inside and half is outside, so it’s good for if it rains :)

It’s not a huge place, certainly much smaller than Disney Land, or Alton Towers in England, but it’s not a bad size. It’s got a nice atmosphere, and there are quiet a few rides there ^^

We got there early, not long after it’d opened, and it was a Saturday where the kids are at school for the morning, so for the first couple of hours it was pretty quiet and we got on a few rides with a short que :)

There’s a variety of rides there; rollercoasters, water rides (in boats an things), haunted houses, etc…….we went on pretty much all of the rides inside, but outside it was veeerrrryy humid, so we just had a quick look round, went on the river cruise, then headed back inside to air conditioned bliss :P

We had good luck with the ques all day, the longest wait we had was only about 15-20 minutes, as we made very good use of the magic passes where you can get an extra (free) ticket for 1 ride in advance using your normal day pass. Then at the time on the ticket you can go in the express line and get on the ride faster than waiting in the normal line. Then after you use that ticket, you can go and get another one for a different ride :D

As it got later some of the waits for rides were up to 75 minutes long O_o

But as I said, the longest we waited was 15-20 mins, bypassing a 75 min wait using a magic ticket ^-^

So if you plan it out right, you can go on a lot of rides there, even when it’s busy, and still only have short waits to get on the rides ;)

It’s a fun place to go, and I wanna go back again sometime to do the rides I missed this time ^^


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