Destination: Mugi ^-^

While at Kansai airport we had some time to kill before getting the bus to Tokushima where we’d be picked up by Y’s parents.

We had a wonder around looking at the shops and restaurants, and we found a meat bun shop. We decided to try one, and quickly discovered it was one of the tastiest things on the planet  \(*^o^*)/


I found a new drink to try in the convenience store, Pepsi Caribbean Gold….it was supposed to be White Sapote Flavour, whatever that means ;>.>

It tasted like the jelly cola bottle sweets….yum yum ^-^

I took lots of photos out the window as we rode the bus from Osaka to Tokushima. By the time we reached Tokushima, the sun had gone down, but we didn’t wait long until Y’s parents arrived :)


On the way to Mugi we stopped for a late dinner together….the start of the yummy yummy food we had in Japan :D


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