Destination: UK ;P

Part 2 of our holiday was visiting the UK for 2 weeks :)

Because of the time for our flight, we had to spend the night at the airport again, ready for the flight the next morning…..this time though they close off the upper part of the airport at night, which is where we slept last time, so we couldn’t get to the same convenient space we slept in last time :/

The food on the aeroplane was all great, and I was happy to have the chance to catch up on some movies I wanted to see ^^



We were very very disappointed with one of our first experiences of the UK since being away for so long; when waiting for our luggage to arrive on the carousel, bags were coming out in all states, looking like they’d all just been thrown on without a care :/

Some were on top of each other, and some were falling off the sides. Eventually the conveyor was stopped, and a really miserable looking guy came along to pick up the fallen suitcases, chucking them back on as if they were all worthless.

For people visiting England this is the first taste of the country they get after coming off the plane…..we’ve never seen this at any other country’s major airport; the cases come out orderly and straight…..honestly it made me feel embarrassed to be British -_-

Because we arrived at night, when my mum and grandma met us at the airport we went to a Premier Inn to spend the night and rest a bit, then continue the drive home in the morning.

The breakfast at the Premier Inn was reeeaaally good….and our first chance to eat proper bacon and sausages in over a year XD


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