Beaulieu Motor Museum

Beaulieu Motor Museum is a museum located in the grounds of a big house, and it houses a lot of cars ranging from very early ones, like the Ford Model T, to modern rally cars, and cars from movies….it’s a really interesting place to visit ^^

The museum is located in the New Forest, and it’s common to see the wild ponies walking around there :)


Before going into the main museum we went into the “James Bond Experience” where they have a few of the cars used in some of the movies….I was disappointed that they had none of the Aston Martins though :(

But the submarine Lotus is always cool to see ^^


Next to that there is the “World of Top Gear” where they have a lot of the cars that the guys have converted and played around with on the show.

We watched an episode of Top Gear on TV with my dad the night before, and they just happened to have the 3 cars there from that episode :D
Even the one they dropped off a cliff hehe ^^

There was a 10 minute behind the scenes show inside the Top Gear Dome, which was made up to look like a mini version of the studio, and it was really fun :)


From there we went into the main attraction; the motor museum.

There are loooaaads of cars inside, and it’s really interesting to see how the technology and engineering of cars has progressed since the start ^-^


When we came back outside there was a small crowd gathered watching something. So we went for a look, and they were watching a team very carefully driving a Ferrari Enzo out the back of a lorry.

Because the nose of the car is so low, and long from the position of the wheels, it was a delicate operation to get it down the ramp without grounding it….it was interesting to watch ^^


Part of the manor house is open to the public, so we looked round that too.

The family who own it still live there, and it’s a very big place….a proper old style English country home ^-^


In the grounds there is also the ruins of a monastery. It was destroyed when King Henry VIII was starting his own religion, and getting rid of many catholic buildings throughout the country.


On the way back towards the museum we saw another crowd starting to gather, and we were lucky enough to get a good spot to see a hunting bird demonstration…the birds were very impressive, and the owl flew over our heads so close that you could feel the winds from its wings :D


To finish up we rode on the monorail. It passes through the motor museum, and circles round the gardens.

It was a great day out ^^


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