Destination: Hong Kong ;)

Part 3, the final part, of our holiday was Hong Kong XD

It’s another place I’ve wanted to visit for a long long time, so I was pretty excited to go there and check it out ^^

Before our flight from London we ate at Yo! Sushi. I’ve eaten at one in Bristol a couple of times and I liked it……but this time it was very disappointing >.>

I think it’s because it just doesn’t come close to how good sushi is in Japan at similar restaurants…..I’ve been spoilt :S


We had a look around the shops at the airport, and then we were off, not to return to the UK again until next May :P


First impressions of HK is that it feels strangely like the UK ;>.>

It must be leftover influence from when it was a UK colony, but everyone seemed to speak English, and it all felt kinda familiar O_o

A very interesting place :D


The hotel staff were all extremely friendly right from the start, and when we checked in we got a free upgrade to a larger room ^o^


Also, Jack now has a girlfriend……yes that is a Hello Kitty duck! XD


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