Hong Kong in the Morning: Heading Home

Before leaving to go to the airport, we went out to have breakfast and take one last walk around the area.

It seems that at any time of day or night, there will be people out and about in Hong Kong >.>

Some of them were probably people that we saw out on the streets the night before hehe

As we wandered around we passed through a couple of public spaces with people doing Tai Chi, and 2 guys on a basketball court…probably everyone out for their morning exercise :)

We found a temple hidden away, but it was before its opening time, so we couldn’t go inside.


Hong Kong was great, and we would spend more time there if given the chance, perhaps a longer holiday someday…and I can now cross it off my list of places I wanted to visit ^^

We came back with looots of stuff again, from the UK and from Hong Kong…including my funky new suitcase ^_^;
(my old one broke a bit)

Plenty of snacks, and a selection of Marmite things ;>.>


Y’s bean plant had not fared so well after pretty much a whole month of no attention though ^_^;;


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2 Responses to Hong Kong in the Morning: Heading Home

  1. Awesome pics :) enjoyed at the fullest :)
    Happy Journey :) to your home :)

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