Doughnut Sweets :D

This is something from Japan similar to the Poppin’ Cookin’ ice-cream thingy I did a while back………I’m not sure how far back ^_^;

Inside the little box you get everything you need (apart from the milk) to make little sugar doughnuts ^^

You get powders for making the “dough”, the 2 kinds of icing, and the chocolate sauce…..and separate little compartments for mixing each one :)

You just add milk to the powder and start mixing, then when you have the right consistency, you can press it into the moulds to make mini sugar doughnut things :D

Then you can decorate them with the icing you make, and sprinkles and biscuit crunch that are also in the box.

We were able to make 9 little doughnuts….it’s hard to see in the photo, but they are only about 2cm wide, so they are little.

They’re actually really tasty as well >.>


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