Ramen & Gyoza Sweets :D

Time for some more “food sweets” things from Japan :D

This set had ramen and gyoza to make ^^

Once again everything you need is included in the packet, and you just make it using water :)

There’s a little plastic bowl to cut out for the ramen….you make the “soup” by adding water to the powder and mixing it…..then to make the “noodles” you mix another powder with water, put it into a piping bag, and squeeze it out into the soup bowl.

Amazingly it actually looks like real noodles in soup >.>

And even more of a shock, was that it isn’t sweet tasting….it actually tastes like ramen, and the noodles have the same texture as thin ramen noodles O.o

We couldn’t believe it….that it could actually taste like that just from some powder >.>

The gyoza is made using a kind of soft foam sweet that’s lemonade flavoured…..you flatten it out, put sprinkles in for the filling, and then shape it like gyoza.

This one was veeeeerrry sweet though ;P

This time I remembered to take a photo of them on my hand, so you can see how small they are ;)

Both were yummy, and surprised us hehehe……we’re gonna try and get more of these kinds of things when we go to Japan next ^^


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3 Responses to Ramen & Gyoza Sweets :D

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  2. veghotpot says:

    So interesting to see the sorts of weird and wonderful foods people have invented! thanks for postnig! Would love to go to Japan :)

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