Icheon Rice Festival 2011

Yesterday we went to the yearly rice festival in Icheon, the rice festival is held at the same park as the ceramics events; Seolbong Park.

First thing we noticed when we arrived at the park, was that for the first time (that we’ve seen) since we’ve been coming here the fountain in the lake was working……it’s a reeeaaally high jet of water :D

As we headed into the festival area we saw a massive line of people waiting for something. At first we thought maybe you have to pay for entry or something this year, but actually everyone was waiting to get a free plant >.>

The line was very long, but moved surprisingly fast…..we don’t know why they were giving away free plants, but we were able to get one each ;P


There was a lot of people there for the festival, and there was lots of shows going on around the park; music, singing, and even a puppet show ^^

One thing we kept noticing, was that there was a looooot of westerners there….we’ve never seen so many in one place in Korea before >.>

Maybe they all came together with a tour group or something ^_^

Last year we saw a lot of stalls selling rice from different areas around Icheon…..but we couldn’t find anything like that there this year :/


The free plants we got look really good for the upcoming Christmas season ^-^


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