11/11/11 >.>

In Korea the 11th of November is Peppero Day……because 11/11 looks like the Peppero snacks >.>

In Japan they have a very similar day called Pocky & Pretz day on the same date, but they don’t make as much of a fuss about it…….Peppero are based on / a copy of Pocky.

So for the last few days all convenience stores and supermarkets around town have had displays in them showing various types, and sizes (some are massive >.>), of Peppero for sale.

It’s basically a purely commercial day, but it’s fun for the kids…..and it seems to be turning into a kind of 2nd valentines day now, with hearts, flowers, and just about any kind of chocolate being sold everywhere and bundled along with the Peppero ;>.>

Students exchange Peppero with friends, and some give Peppero to their teachers too…….I was lucky and got a few boxes of Peppero from some of my 5th grade students that I was teaching today ^^

Days devoted to chocolate? Can’t complain ;P


Some Japanese stick snacks:


You can even get erasers shaped like Peppero:


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