Incheon China Town :)

On Saturday we went to China Town in Incheon :)

It used to be an area mainly inhabited by Chinese, but these days it’s more like just a place for tourists…..most of the homes and businesses there are owned by Koreans.

Still, it’s an interesting place to walk around, and it does retain most of its feel from when it was a “real” China town ^^

There are several ornate gates around the area which mark the entrances into the streets, and there are many golden dragon statues dotted around.

There are some big restaurants, and some small shops, and some very interesting looking buildings……every building seems different from what’s beside it, and it’s a nice treat for the eyes :)


Along one side of China town there are steps lined by stone lanterns. This marks the boundary between two areas, where in the past there was a Chinese community on one side, and a Japanese community on the other side…..the lanterns either side represent the different styles of Chinese and Japanese.

This was from a long time ago, and there are still some buildings remaining which have a more Japanese style to them….and they look very nice ;)

On the Japanese side there are also several buildings around an area marked as a “Street Museum” which were various Japanese banks and official buildings…..these are in more of a European style, and there’s some gorgeous stonework on them ^^


Incheon China Town is an interesting place to visit, and very easy to get to; it’s the last stop on Line 1 from Seoul……well worth a visit for the afternoon :)

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