J.R. Pass Trip Day 1 – Miyajima

After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we headed out to Miyajima, which is an island in part of Hiroshima Prefecture :)

We was able to get the ferry across for free using our J.R. Passes, because it’s a JR Ferry….That’s a Japan “Rail” Ferry ;>.>


Miyajima is most famous for the Torii gate that sits in the water off the shore from Itsukushima Shrine ^^


Once we got outside from the ferry terminal, we were surprised to see loads of wild dear wandering around all over the place O.o

They just hang out and mind their own business amongst all the people there……I’ve never seen anything like it before.


Senjokaku is an old hall on Miyajima built in 1587, and its name means “Pavilion of 1000 mats”…..it was left unfinished when the person who commissioned it died before its completion, but it is massive still >.>

Because its unfinished, it doesn’t have a front entrance or a ceiling, and it is now used to display these huge wooden pictures, and it’s dedicated to the soul of Toyotomi Hideyoshi; the man who commissioned it.

Next to it is a really nice 5 storey pagoda :)


Next we walked up to Daishoin Temple…….which has lots of buildings, statues, and other religious objects to see. It’s really interesting to look around ^^


Lastly we went in to see Itsukushima Shrine and its “floating torii gate” ^^

The shrine is built in a small inlet over the water. During high tide the sea comes in and passes under the shrine which is built up on pillars……but unfortunately while we were there the water was quite low ^_^;

It was still great to walk through the shrine along its boardwalks, and it still looked brilliant ^-^


That evening we checked into our hotel room……cosy little room hehe

There was 2 paper cranes on the bed for us, which I thought was cool ^^


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