J.R. Pass Trip Day 3 – Kumamoto Castle

At the start of day 3, we went to Kumamoto Castle :)

It’s a hilltop castle that still has some of its original buildings around it, but the main keep is a concrete reconstruction built in 1960.

There are a few staff members around dressed as soldiers etc from the time period, and it’s a big place to walk around if you go around all of the grounds and various buildings ^^

The inside of the keep is a museum, and because only the outside really resembles the original structure, the inside is very different from other castles, like the one in Kochi.

Good place to look around though ^-^

DSC09896DSC09905DSC09913DSC09917DSC09925DSC09929DSC09931DSC09940DSC09953DSC09959DSC09965DSC09976DSC09985DSC09988DSC09998DSC10001 (1)DSC10001 (2)DSC10001 (5)DSC10001 (6)DSC10001 (13)DSC10001 (16)

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