J.R. Pass Trip Day 3 – Nagasaki China Town

Nagasaki has a small China Town, so around that area there were a lot of lanterns and decorations ready for the Chinese New Year :)

The main part of the China Town is 2 shopping streets which cross each other in the middle……so we walked down and back looking around the shops.

DSC10001 (140)DSC10001 (141)DSC10001 (142)DSC10001 (145)DSC10001 (147)

We went into a restaurant for dinner, and there were many things we wanted to try eating…..so we ordered too much food ^_^;

But we managed to eat it all :P

DSC10001 (162)DSC10001 (157)DSC10001 (161)

When we came out from the restaurant they were testing the big collection of lanterns at the end of the street, so we got to see them lit up briefly.

Us, and some other people around, started taking some photos, but then the workers turned off all of the lights again :(

DSC10001 (163)DSC10001 (166)DSC10001 (167)

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