J.R. Pass Trip Day 5 – Nabana No Sato

From Nagoya, Y’s uncle drove us to Nabana No Sato in Nagashima, to see a light show in some gardens there :)

There was a loooooooot of people there waiting for the lights to be turned on around the garden, and for the show to start >.>

We found a little spot on a low wall at the side of the crowd, and sat there waiting for 30-40 minutes. When it was getting dark, the lights were turned on, and the crowd slowly surged forward through a tunnel of lights, heading for the main attraction on the other side.

Because there was soooo many people, it was kinda slow moving when the flood gates opened to get everyone moving……..but it wasn’t long before the tightly packed crowd started to spread out, and it became more comfortable to move :)


The main thing that everyone came to see, was a lightshow which covers a large field with a tree in the middle….as music plays, the tree changes colours representing the four seasons.

It was really well done, and really nice to look at ^-^


After you’ve watched the tree, you can move through another tunnel of lights, and then you get directed by people with lightsabers to the rest of the gardens, which are all covered with lights of different colours ^^


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  1. I clicked on a link and got here… not really what I was searching for at the first place but I started reading through and could not stop. Great Website!

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