J.R. Pass Trip Day 6 – Hakodate Night View

Hakodate was very very very cold when we arrived, and I didn’t particularly feel like going back outside after we got into our warm hotel room…..but I’m glad we did :P

Y’ had heard that the night view from Mount Hakodate is something that must been seen when staying here, so that’s where we headed.

We took a tram from near the hotel, and then walked up an icy hill (we had to walk on the road because the pavement was slippery) to the cable car station.

The cable car takes you up to the top of the mountain, where there’s a viewing place/building thingy with a restaurant and shop.

The view of the city lit up below is brilliant ^^


We looked out over the city from the viewing floor, and then went into the restaurant to have dinner.

I really liked the coasters for the glasses in the restaurant….they light up in different colours when you put your glass on them, and I neeeaaarly bought some, but they were a little expensive, and you only get one in each packet :(


We sat at the window, where we had an excellent view while we ate yummy food ^-^


After dinner we went up to the roof to see the view from there, and it was great ^^


On the viewing floor there’s this strange robot / monster made out of metal ring things >.>


In the gift shop they sell some Maru-goku brand things, which are made in Hakodate Boys Prison. I really liked the bags there, and I was having a tough time deciding whether or not to buy one; because I preferred the larger bag, but they only had the display copy left for sale.

So I kept looking at them, walking away around the shop, then back to look at the bags again….much to Y’s amusement ^_^;

In the end I decided to get one of the smaller ones…..and suddenly I became inseparable from it, from that point on wearing it everywhere ;>.>


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