J.R. Pass Trip Day 10 – Harajuku and Shibuya

The night of day 10 was the final outing of our trip.

We started off with a walk through Harajuku….which was filled with people, and many interesting looking shops >.>

One day we’ll have to go back, and go in some of the shops there for a proper look ^^


Y’s friend wanted to take us to a Hawaiian themed restaurant called Eggs ‘N’ Things, which is famous around the area for its huuuuuge pancake deserts.

It’s a popular place; we had to wait outside for nearly 40 minutes to get a table >.>

It was well worth it though, the food in there was excellent…..the best bacon I’ve had in ages ^o^

As you can guess from the name, most things on the menu come with some kind of eggs :P

We had a main dish each, then shared some nachos….we were already starting to get a little low on stomach space, when the not so little deserts arrived ^_^;


Pictured below; a not so little desert…….these things were massive, no wonder they’re well known O.o

Me and Y’ shared one, although I ate most of it, while her friend attempted one solo……needless to say, we were beyond stuffed by the time we finished @_@


We needed to walk our massive dinner off, so we walked to Shibuya.

We didn’t really see a lot around there this time, but we did see the famous statue of Hachi the dog; who waited for his owner at the station everyday when he went to work, and even continued to wait there for another 9 years after his owner died…right up until the dog himself died as well.

There was a loooot of people around…..we’ll probably go back again someday to check it out more :)


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