Interesting Drinks in Japan :)

This time in Japan, I seemed to find it difficult to find any interesting new drinks to try :(

I heard about a strawberry Pepsi, but I couldn’t find one anywhere….maybe it had finished its limited run already :/

I did find a few to try though:

Red, Strawberry Cola; this somehow gives 2 distinct flavours in your mouth…strawberry, and cola. Not some kind of mixed flavour like you would expect >.>


Blue Cola; bought in Hokkaido….tastes like cola :P


Green Tea Coffee; we found this in a vending machine at a temple in Miyajima >.>

Tastes really good actually…like the red cola above, it gave me 2 distinct tastes at once; the green tea part, and the coffee part ^^


And finally, a kind of mixed fruit Fanta; I liked the shape of the bottle ^-^


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