Snacks, Sweets, and Desserts in Japan :D

While in Japan we ate a looooot of yummy yummy food……here are some snacks, sweets, and deserts that we ate during our 3 weeks there for winter vacation ^^


DARS Biscuit; Dars chocolate is yummy, but add biscuit to that, and I found something that was very hard to stop eating once I started >.>

We bought a lot of different Kitkats around Japan (which I will write about sometime in the future after we’ve tried them), and one type we got was Shinkansen Kitkats :D

Normal flavoured Kitkats, but in an extending Shinkansen shaped box ^^


Dango; like mochi on a stick ^^

Waffles, D-pop dougnuts from Mr Donut, chocolate/banana taiyaki sweet, and dango candy :)


Baumkuhen cake thingy on a stick, and pancakes with a massive amount of cream on top…yummy ^^


White chocolate ice-cream, macarone (is that spelt right? ;>.>), more ice-cream, and cake, and mochi ^-^


Chocolate panda biscuit things; these are a new favourite snack of mine now ^o^

DSC09458DSC09459DSC10001 (57)DSC10001 (58)

Salty Pocky; Pocky that’s salty :P

And finally; Momiji Manju – cake thingies with different fillings, and some fish-cakes shaped like Momiji Manju :)


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