Setsubun 2012 :)

Setsubun is a bean throwing ceremony that people do, the day before the first day of spring (Feb 3rd), in Japan.

Usually the father of the household will wear an oni (demon) mask, and go outside the house. Then the family members throw roasted soybeans at the “demon” from the doorway, while saying “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” (Demons out! Luck in!).

This is to drive out bad luck from the previous year, and bring in good luck for the year to come :)

We was given a little Setsubun set by some friends, and we substituted Jack, our rubber duck, for the demon, and threw beans at him off the balcony :P

Each person then eats 1 bean for each year of their life so far (so the amount matches your age basically), plus 1 extra bean for the year to come….to bring luck.

And you also eat an uncut sushi roll in silence, while facing a specified compass direction (it changes every year)

It’s a fun little tradition :)


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