Souvenirs etc :)

We came back from Japan to Korea, with 2 big suitcases, 2 small suitcases, and 2 backpacks stuffed full of goodies ^^

We bought a lot of souvenirs, and other things, during our trip :)


We got some new clothes and bags…..including some nice hats that Y’s aunty made, and a large Hakodate Prison bag as a gift from Y’s friend, just like the one I almost bought for myself; he didn’t know about that before >.>


Here are some random things….including a Doraemon head that Y’s cousin’s daughter gave to Y’ :)


As we visited new places around Japan, we bought different souvenirs, and snacks, and things to remember each place by ^^


We bought a lot of sauces and stuff to top up our kitchen cupboard….but we somehow managed to forget to buy a few things we were planning to get >_<


And of course we bought a looooot of snacks too ;P


I didn’t get around to buying any new anime figures, or Gundam, or Evangelion models this time……..maybe next time ^^

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