Why Hello There, Kitty :P

Sooo, I got a lot of Hello Kitty things to add to my collection on this trip ^____^

I got 2 ramen bowls, which come with ramen; so you eat the ramen, then keep the plastic Hello Kitty bowl.

A Kitty shaped furikake (rice topping) dispenser.

Towels from Y’s mum ^^
(All of Y’s family know I like Hello Kitty now, so they save stuff for me ^_^;)

Luggage tags, and bin labels >.>

We also tried to get a phone strap representing each place we visited…..so I have a load of those now hehe

2 of my favourite things from this batch, are a soft Kitty wearing Chopper’s (from One Piece) hat. And a Kitty statue dressed in a kimono :)

And something which is kinda for me, and Y’; some cups with a Hello Kitty sushi design…..Kitty for me, and sushi for Y’ :P


A funny thing we found in a book store, that we just had to get, was a Hello Kitty Japanese phrase book :D


My new pyjama trousers / home wear……I would never wear these outside or in front of other people lol ^_^;


And lastly, a little Kitty statue shaped like a Manekineko (lucky cat), with a fortune inside….my fortune was not so good ^_^;


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