Valentines 2012

Yesterday was valentines day, and this year, for us, it was not a good one :/

Things did not go well, or as planned at all >.>

For a while now, leading up to valentines day, I’ve been trying to find something nice to get for Y’……she collects Miffy things, and rubber bath ducks, so I was looking for things like that; couldn’t find anything at all :S

So I fell back on my standard plan, order a flower gift set from a florist online, to be delivered to Y’ during on valentines day while I’m at work.

First off, everything online was much more expensive then before, but I managed to find a little set that I thought looked sweet for her… wasn’t Miffy or ducks, but I hoped she might appreciate the thought anyway ^_^;

The flowers were supposed to be delivered during the morning…..I got a call from the florist at around 3pm saying they couldn’t make the delivery today (too busy in the valentines rush I guess…he spoke veeery little English, not his fault of course), and said they would deliver tomorrow.

Great, so my valentines gift will be a day late….it’s bad enough I couldn’t find what I really wanted to get for her, and that she would’ve been more pleased with, but now I’ve got nothing at all for her on the actual day….bad luck on my part -_-

We went ahead with our plan for the evening though, and headed off to Icheon, where we were planning to go to a nice Italian restaurant that we’ve been to once before.

We got off the bus, and walked towards the restaurant….it’s been turned into a Starbucks >_<

So we walked around looking for something similar, and in the end settled for Mr Pizza…..not the most romantic place, but the food was good ^_^;

So valentines day was pretty much ruined…..we enjoyed ourselves at the restaurant, but the mood we had at the start of the day was completely gone :/


But wait, the flower gift set thingy is coming the next day, and that’ll cheer everyone up right?

Wrong ¬_¬

It arrived, but it was pretty disappointing for us.

(The pictures below look better than what everything actually looks, and feels, like in real life)

The bunch of flowers contain the correct flowers, and in the correct amounts, but they don’t look as fresh as they should. And compared to the picture on the website, they don’t look as “full” as I was expecting.

Probably in part due to the vase being long and thin (bunching them up together at the top), instead of shorter and wider like shown in the advert :/
(The vase is also dusty -_-)

The teddy bear and chocolates arrived in Pororo wrapping paper…..children’s wrapping paper….*start sarcasm* yes, very appropriate for valentines day *end sarcasm* ¬_¬



The teddy pictured on the website is brown, looks fluffy and cute, and is wearing a little white fitted t-shirt with a heart on it…..the teddy we got is white, feels cheap, and is wearing a low quality loose jumper thing with “for you” written on it.

The chocolate advertised is “fine swiss chocolate”……we got a Ferrero Rocher rip-off made in China >:-(


I can understand the delivery being delayed due to valentines being a very busy day, and it does say that if the items are not available then they may be substituted with something of equal (or greater) value…..but there is no way in hell that what we got is anywhere near the value that I paid for.

I will be sending them a complaint, and see how they respond. I’m usually very reasonable and understanding, so they have a chance to appease me, depending on what they say.

But there we go; worst, valentines, ever T_T

***** UPDATE 17/02/2012 *****

I sent a carefully worded email to their customer services manager, quoting their terms and how the set was advertised, along with photos of what we received.

He got back to me very quickly saying they would look into it, and try to resolve it within the next 24 hours.

The next day he emailed me again, and offered a 50% refund…..which I accepted :)

So thank you Mr Manager, you are nice and professional, and I am appeased ;P

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